Pretentia provides technically sound, reliable solutions, objective recommendations and support. Our business is structured for efficiency, personal service, quick turn around and low overheads.

The consultant responsible for setting up your network will maintain it. This ensures complete understanding of design and also provides you with a single point of contact.

Our primary relationship is with the client, and we endeavour to make it a long and successful one. We do not walk away from problems. If they arise, we manage and solve them with you.

Our fully documented and high level maintenance and servicing ensure your systems perform consistently and extends their life. We aim to treat the problem; not the symptoms.

With over 8 years digital design experience, Pretentia has a portfolio of niche clients. Our clients include small business in areas as diverse as the arts, entertainment, professional goods & services and specialisation with NFP organisations.

  1. Our design services include:
  2. website and graphic design
  3. online database design
  4. email newsletter design & delivery

Our team includes programmers and designers with experience using a range of languages and software products.

Pretentia pride ourselves on the ability to provide all of our clients with creative solutions that compliment and enhance their company vision, ethics, market position and strategic goals.

  1. Some of our current and past clients include:
  3. IWDA
  5. Reconciliation Victoria
  7. One Just World

To arrange a free initial consultation with Pretentia please contact us on: